Tuesday, December 01, 2020

New trend: Remote Workout

"The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stopped ‘life as normal’ across much of the world". WGSN, 2020


Back in Australia, I used to go to my local gym every day, in order to be healthy, reduce stress levels caused from university and distract myself. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen that now I have been exercising a lot at home. I feel that this is not only happening with myself, but many other people are now used to workout at home due to the current pandemic we are living in. 

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we were forced to self isolate in majority of countries. Some places quarantined themselves longer than others: as Melbourne, Australia who just recently ended lockdown after 111 days or Rio de Janeiro, Brasil that soon opened back their businesses. 


In this moment of self-isolation, we spent way much more time at home than we used to. We can say that home was (and is!) now our hub: a place where we would work, relax, exercise and live. 

With the focus shifted back towards our home and increased time spent there, many new in-home trends are emerging and influencing Fashion and social behaviour. 

Before, we used to walk or even drive to the gym - sometimes, your gym could even be a bit far from your place or in a near suburb. When we had to stay a bit home because of quarantine, we were forced to increase control of our own experiences. We probably adapted our house to create some free space for exercises or even bought our own gym equipments (the resistance bands are so trendy right now!). 



Now that we created this sense of autonomy and passed through this circumspect period (WGSN, 2020), many people feel comfortable and better exercising at home than outside. They have even been exercising more than ever before. The reason could be because we are now prioritising wellness (both physical and mental) and the long term aspect of things. If you also observe, keeping track of our exercise routine also made us create a sense of control in a time we were all felling insecure and completely lost. 


Almost all countries have their gyms, restaurants and public places now open. However, the new ways of exercising are here to stay. There are people, like me, who liked the idea of home-based workouts and is not willing to return to a gym place. Others are also prioritising safety, hygiene and comfort - and do not feel good wearing a mask while training, or the reason would be that they prefer to take on remote workouts and save money while reducing their fitness spend. 


As fitness centres found themselves forced to close for a determined period this year, instructors and fitness influencers promoted at-home training programmes, as live streaming on Instagram and paid workout videos. 

Many personal trainers were hosting sessions at the clients' place and live-streamed classes. This is a way to keep the relationship with the customer active and adding a paid-for service allow a revenue driver. 

Influencers are posting their workout routine on social media (often mixing creativity when not having proper gym equipments), as well as tips and daily wellness content and healthy meals. 

GO DIGITAL! With distance, there are huge online innovations. Live events that bring a sense of community and one-on-one consultations that educate the consumer. Some fashion brands, as La Semaine Paris (@lasemaineparis) also done live videos partnering with fitness professionals as a marketing tool and way to motivate their fashionable customers to be active during this tough period. My favourite smoothie health hub in Australia, Green Cup also hosted live yoga and pilates classes. 

As now home is a place of mindfulness, some holistic approach to fitness become popular. The use of alternative healing ingredients to speed up recovery post workout have risen and also post workout meditation and breathing exercises (as Sudarshan Kriya, from Art of Living). 


AI instructors and virtual trainers: rigid gym memberships are not trending since people are requiring flexibility. However, what's definitely hot right now are 'on-demand' services that provide personalised and elevated experiences. Have you heard about Mirror? They are a New York-based startup that launched an interactive mirror that brings workout classes into your home. Here, convenience is king! Please, check about it. It is so interesting and I wish I had this subscription! They simply make your favourite premium boutique gym come to you in the comfort of your home. 



A must-have accessory for at-home workout are resistance bands! They are so convenient and easy to carry - you can even bring them with you whenever you go travelling and still want to tone your body! Brazilian influencer Rachel Apollonio took the opportunity to launch her line of tie dye resistance bands, in partnership with Tech-Band

On June 1st, Nike released an indoor cycling shoe. This is the first one to target at-home workouts 

@Jacquemus water bottle bag, can be purchased on Farfetch (R$ 3.379)

Water bottle bags: this accessory is a must for Spring Summer 2021; a key item to bring your bottle with you wherever you go! During these last fashion weeks, it was one of the accessories that were most seen on the catwalks (The Blonde Salad, 2020). Consumers are now more conscious and prioritising a low impact society. This item represents in Fashion the concept of utility and care to our planet. You can buy your own luxury accessory in many different brands from Chanel to Prada. 

The rise in home-based and live streaming workouts on social media impact activewear fashion. The digital fitness prioritises community over performance; it is suitable for all levels and you do the exercises on your own pace, being able to pause the video whenever you want. But what calls attention are the vibrant colours that will be key to make clothes stand out on screen and high-contrast brights. 
To better appear on social media, clothes will be bolder digitally than physical and colours will be optimised. 

What changes have you noticed? Are you team home or gym workout?

Que mudanças você já tinha percebido? Você é time "treino em casa" ou "treino em academia"? 

xx Brenda 


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