Tuesday, May 02, 2023

'Vieni a Vedere'; Bottega Veneta x Gaetano Pesce

Last week I visited the ‘Vieni a Vedere’ (Come and see/ Venha e Veja) exhibition; the second collaboration between the designer and architect Gaetano Pesce and Bottega Veneta. 

During Milan Design Week, Bottega Veneta closed its Montenapoleone boutique for a week and transformed it into an immersive experience.

Their partnership started on the Spring/Summer 23 fashion show, when Creative Director Matthieu Blazy collaborated with him to design the series of 400 ‘Come Stai?’ chairs.

And now, over 10,000 people waited in line to find out what Bottega Veneta was presenting during the design world's largest annual fair.  

We walked through this cave and crossed the silhouette of a figure shooting a basket until we found 2 special edition (and individually numbered) handbags. We also got to try hand-painted chocolates from Peyrano Torino with the same shape as the bags. 

This one is “My Dear Mountains”, which resembles the facade Gaetano designed for the Aspen Art Museum in 2022. It represents 2 mountains and the sunrise behind it. The bag features the brand’s signature Intrecciato leather weaving technique and gradient shades of green. There are 15 exclusive pieces available for purchase. 
The 'My Dear Prairies’ bag is even more special, having only 3 for sale. The use of leather in 7 different shades of green and a crochet technique makes this bag look like grassy hills. 

The path itself already tells a story, being accessed inside a cave and guiding us to find these 2 designer pieces. The bags are set as rare and curious items that were discovered along the way; while the design idea wants to tell a story.. it is not just a simple bag with a traditional shape. It is the blend of Bottega’s craftsmanship and Pesce’s creativity that encourages new paths to innovative design. The mountain-shaped bags have nothing in common to many traditional-shaped bags we tend to see. 

As we know, Fashion brands are tapping the lifestyle and furniture market. But Bottega doesn't currently offer homeware besides the 'Come Stai' chairs... so why the move to close one of its store for a week to present something during Salone del Mobile? We are talking about a big business. The home design is a $643 billion market and the global sector of home and hospitality current represents $4.3 trillion (according to BOF)... And it is no news that luxury consumers want their home to be represented by the same brands they wear. Does this show the importance of expansion to the brand? Market share?

Bottega already offers diverse product categories, so the addition of homeware could be a natural move towards brand extension. What do you think? Or did they just wanted to call attention to limited edition bags during an important week?


Tuesday, August 09, 2022

SHOP THE LOOK | London strolls

Rouven's favourite city has always been London. If you know me, you can definitely remember me saying that Paris was my place on Earth.

Well... Maybe things have changed? Not really hihi. Paris is still one of my favorite cities in the world. Magical things happened while I was there during Fashion Week. I also feel like a kid whenever I visit Paris. You know that feeling when you want to see everything and don't even know where to start? That's me in Paris! I can walk many kilometers and still be smiling hihi.

However... this was my first time visiting London and I must say I fell in love. If I receive an opportunity to move there, I promise you I won't think twice!

I am also very happy with my outfits selection for this trip. They totally fit the style of places I've visited and colourful outfits have the power of instantly making me feel happier!

This was my favourite outfit from the trip! But later I am going to share details of the other looks. 

I would say that this one was the most 'neutral' outfit I wore in London. But the beauty is on the details!

You can see that this is not just a 'mere' outfit. The beading of the Chanel purse, the Prince of Wales patronage of the blazer covered by a layer of embroidered transparent sequins and the green sunglasses made all the difference! 

The base of the outfit is a H&M tank top with Zara pants. Do you know that tank tops are on TREND right now? Yes, you've read it right. How can such a basic piece that is part of everyone's wardrobe be considered a trendy item?
Well... see Loewe, Prada and many other luxury brands releasing their tank tees with logo. Pay also attention to it girls. They are all posting outfits styled with tank tops, which many years ago, was considered an undergarment or simply a piece to wear at nighttime to sleep. 

Instagram: @emilisindlev
My brogues are vintage Prada and I bought them when I was living in Australia. The blazer is from a new Brazilian brand called GINGER and the sunnies are from a random store in Camden Market lol. They are not branded, so I made a collage with Gucci ones. However, these neon sunglasses have been very trendy and you can find them everywhere (even on H&M and NAKD Fashion). 

The Chanel Mini Flap is now available on a Zurich-based boutique called Petit Luxe. 

Did you like my outfit? Would you wear it? I am excited to know your opinion!!

With love,

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

How do I plan my trips?


I often get asked how Rouven and I have been travelling around Europe: especially how we plan our trips and find the best spots and restaurants. 

So I decided it is time to share the step-by step of this process with you.

But first, it is important to clarify that this is very personal. There is no right or wrong and that's just the way we think it works best for us. Some steps also reflects the way we are doing right now with the pandemic. You may adjust it. 

1. Search for tickets to places you dream of visiting

We are always open to considering different destinations, so we start browsing for at least 3 different countries/ cities. 

We search most of our tickets on Skyscanner and buy from the websites they recommend. Most of these online travel agencies have bad reviews (in fact, it's always better to buy on the airline's official website, as you can reach them more easily if your flight has any delays, lost luggage, etc.), but for those flights within Europe – we never had any problems. 

We live 3 hours by train from Milan and flights from there are often cheaper than in Zurich. If there is a big price difference, we buy the flight from Milan. (This tip is interesting for those who live in Switzerland: I pay a monthly ticket 7/25 for 39 CHF, which allows me to travel all over the country for free from 7pm onwards. Since we got back from our trip at the end of the day, I don't need to pay transportation back home). *This ticket is valid if you are 25 years old or younger

2. Inform yourself about the restrictions of each country

With the pandemic, there are new rules to be followed. Before buying tickets, we have to make sure we are able to visit that country. If tourists entrance is now allowed, if a PCR test or just a vaccination certificate is needed and which forms must be filled out. Be aware of all this! They even specify how many hours the COVID test must be taken and, in almost all countries, they ask you to fill in a form (24-48h before the flight). If you have not filled out and generated a QR code, you won't be able to check in nor board the flight.

3. Search for nice spots/ style references

To get inspired, I create Pinterest folders with the tourist attractions, local food, and even the style of clothing people wear in that area.

To find the best places, I also type in the location and look for photos on Instagram. This way, I know the best angle and time for photos and visits. I also read many blogs to choose where to stay - either downtown or in popular neighbourhoods.

4. Check the weather forecast

So I will be prepared and wearing proper clothes. *Yes, it seems too obvious right?! But I've lost count of how many umbrellas I've bought or how much I sweat on a trip for not checking the weather forecast. 

5. Book the hotel

At big chain hotels, like Ibis, we usually book online because it's the same price/or even cheaper and we already know what it's like. At Airbnbs, we like to schedule and visit the room beforehand, so we can get the best cost/benefit deals. 

6. Pack efficiently

I style outfits with pieces that coordinate with each other and that I can wear in many different ways. I take pictures of the looks and put them in a folder. So, I don't take too many things or clothes that I won't know how to wear/style it. I carry a bag that matches the style of all the looks I will be wearing on the trip. In that case, I use the airport carry on as my everyday bag.

x Brenda Marie

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