Tuesday, March 19, 2024


A presença de campanhas com paparazzi não é novidade, sendo a Balenciaga um exemplo na campanha Spring 2018 e a Yeezy. A abordagem, no entanto, varia. A Bottega Veneta se destacou ao atrair a atenção da audiência duas vezes com o mesmo conteúdo, de maneira orgânica e desejável. A estética paparazzi ganha força, com influencers e outras marcas aderindo, como visto na campanha da GCDS essa semana. Será que campanhas intencionais, como a da GCDS com modelos, terão o mesmo impacto de algo que foi lançado para aparentar natural, mas com rostos conhecidos, como a da Bottega? E será que esse natural e cotidiano, de fato seria relevante se fossem pessoas normais aderindo a tendência?

The presence of fake paparazzi campaigns is not new, with Balenciaga being an example in the Spring 2018 campaign, as well as Yeezy. The approach, however, varies. Bottega Veneta stood out by capturing the audience’s attention twice with the same content, in an organic and desirable manner. The paparazzi aesthetic is gaining strength, with influencers and other brands joining in, as seen in the GCDS campaign this week. Will intentional campaigns, like GCDS with models, have the same impact as something that was launched as a natural move but with famous faces, as in the case of Bottega? And would these mundane and everyday scenes be relevant if it were ordinary people embracing the trend?


Monday, March 18, 2024



The Fashion label Casablanca produced an AI-generated campaign
A marca Casablanca fez uma campanha totalmente gerada por inteligência artificial

Hello! As you may already know.. Rouven and I have a hobby of practicing latte arts in the morning.
While drinking my coffee, I love to check all the news related to the Fashion World.
For this reason, I decided to start sharing with you what I have been reading and discuss the topic further.

For the first episode of the new series #CafécomModa, we are going to talk about Artificial Intelligence. This is a huge topic that will be more and more highlighted on the year 2024! 

#CafécomModa ep.1 | AI and FASHION
Are you excited to be an investor of the future or concerned of how this is going to affect jobs, craftsmanship and human emotions?
Oii! Eu e o Rouven temos o hobby de praticar latte art pela manhã. Assim que acabamos de preparar o café da manhã, eu pego o meu cafezinho e fico lendo as últimas notícias do mundo da Moda.
Foi aí que pensei... "Não posso deixar essas informações super interessantes e valiosas apenas para mim. que tal compartilhar com eles o que costumo consumir na hora do cafezinho?". Assim nasceu a série #CafécomModa. No primeiro episódio, vamos falar sobre Inteligência Artificial. Um tema extremamente interessante e que ganhará ainda mais relevância a partir desse ano de 2024. Me conta o que achou!

#CafécomModa ep.1 | 
Você está animada (o) para ser uma investidora do futuro ou está apreensiva em como a IA afetará empregos, criações humanas e as nossas emoções?


Tuesday, May 02, 2023

'Vieni a Vedere'; Bottega Veneta x Gaetano Pesce

Last week I visited the ‘Vieni a Vedere’ (Come and see/ Venha e Veja) exhibition; the second collaboration between the designer and architect Gaetano Pesce and Bottega Veneta. 

During Milan Design Week, Bottega Veneta closed its Montenapoleone boutique for a week and transformed it into an immersive experience.

Their partnership started on the Spring/Summer 23 fashion show, when Creative Director Matthieu Blazy collaborated with him to design the series of 400 ‘Come Stai?’ chairs.

And now, over 10,000 people waited in line to find out what Bottega Veneta was presenting during the design world's largest annual fair.  

We walked through this cave and crossed the silhouette of a figure shooting a basket until we found 2 special edition (and individually numbered) handbags. We also got to try hand-painted chocolates from Peyrano Torino with the same shape as the bags. 

This one is “My Dear Mountains”, which resembles the facade Gaetano designed for the Aspen Art Museum in 2022. It represents 2 mountains and the sunrise behind it. The bag features the brand’s signature Intrecciato leather weaving technique and gradient shades of green. There are 15 exclusive pieces available for purchase. 
The 'My Dear Prairies’ bag is even more special, having only 3 for sale. The use of leather in 7 different shades of green and a crochet technique makes this bag look like grassy hills. 

The path itself already tells a story, being accessed inside a cave and guiding us to find these 2 designer pieces. The bags are set as rare and curious items that were discovered along the way; while the design idea wants to tell a story.. it is not just a simple bag with a traditional shape. It is the blend of Bottega’s craftsmanship and Pesce’s creativity that encourages new paths to innovative design. The mountain-shaped bags have nothing in common to many traditional-shaped bags we tend to see. 

As we know, Fashion brands are tapping the lifestyle and furniture market. But Bottega doesn't currently offer homeware besides the 'Come Stai' chairs... so why the move to close one of its store for a week to present something during Salone del Mobile? We are talking about a big business. The home design is a $643 billion market and the global sector of home and hospitality current represents $4.3 trillion (according to BOF)... And it is no news that luxury consumers want their home to be represented by the same brands they wear. Does this show the importance of expansion to the brand? Market share?

Bottega already offers diverse product categories, so the addition of homeware could be a natural move towards brand extension. What do you think? Or did they just wanted to call attention to limited edition bags during an important week?

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