Wednesday, August 04, 2021

New chapter: I now live in Switzerland!

On this post, I gave you some updates about what I've been experience these past years.

I also shared that I was going to move to Switzerland with my partner - And I did it!

I moved here 3rd of March and we had our civil marriage on April 23rd. 

A lot has already happened! We've visited  beautiful places in Switzerland and have also been travelling a lot around Europe. We've explored Milan, Rome and Firenze in Italy/ Warsaw and Krakow in Poland/ Mallorca and Madrid in Spain and also Mykonos in Greece. 

I've also had the idea of narrowing down my niche on Instagram to "Fashionable & Affordable Luxury Travel", so you can follow me there and check my 'travel diaries' - I am showing you and sharing all tips from these trips.

x Brenda Marie. 


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