Tuesday, August 09, 2022

SHOP THE LOOK | London strolls

Rouven's favourite city has always been London. If you know me, you can definitely remember me saying that Paris was my place on Earth.

Well... Maybe things have changed? Not really hihi. Paris is still one of my favorite cities in the world. Magical things happened while I was there during Fashion Week. I also feel like a kid whenever I visit Paris. You know that feeling when you want to see everything and don't even know where to start? That's me in Paris! I can walk many kilometers and still be smiling hihi.

However... this was my first time visiting London and I must say I fell in love. If I receive an opportunity to move there, I promise you I won't think twice!

I am also very happy with my outfits selection for this trip. They totally fit the style of places I've visited and colourful outfits have the power of instantly making me feel happier!

This was my favourite outfit from the trip! But later I am going to share details of the other looks. 

I would say that this one was the most 'neutral' outfit I wore in London. But the beauty is on the details!

You can see that this is not just a 'mere' outfit. The beading of the Chanel purse, the Prince of Wales patronage of the blazer covered by a layer of embroidered transparent sequins and the green sunglasses made all the difference! 

The base of the outfit is a H&M tank top with Zara pants. Do you know that tank tops are on TREND right now? Yes, you've read it right. How can such a basic piece that is part of everyone's wardrobe be considered a trendy item?
Well... see Loewe, Prada and many other luxury brands releasing their tank tees with logo. Pay also attention to it girls. They are all posting outfits styled with tank tops, which many years ago, was considered an undergarment or simply a piece to wear at nighttime to sleep. 

Instagram: @emilisindlev
My brogues are vintage Prada and I bought them when I was living in Australia. The blazer is from a new Brazilian brand called GINGER and the sunnies are from a random store in Camden Market lol. They are not branded, so I made a collage with Gucci ones. However, these neon sunglasses have been very trendy and you can find them everywhere (even on H&M and NAKD Fashion). 

The Chanel Mini Flap is now available on a Zurich-based boutique called Petit Luxe. 

Did you like my outfit? Would you wear it? I am excited to know your opinion!!

With love,

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